We design creative and well-crafted solutions that allow our clients to effectively represent, communicate and market themselves. 




Liz- Highlo Designs Co-Owner and Creative Director

LizOwner and Creative Director

Liz hails from America's mitten, Michigan, where she and her sister grew up skiing, hunting, and playing in the great outdoors. It was her love of skiing and playing in the outdoors that brought her to and has kept her in Park City. Before her monumental move, she received a BFA with an emphasis in Graphic Design from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI. While still a student, Liz worked as a freelance designer for a wide range of clients, and continued her freelance career after graduating. She is quite the perceptive, insightful, creative, and fun young lady, which you will find infused in her design. She believes design should be the marrying of art with functionality (purpose + impact) to communicate, emphasize, and elicit excitement about a particular brand's message and purpose.  


Christian Owner, Operations Director, and Designer

Christian was raised in the fine city of Rochester, NY. He found his way to Park City by way of New York City where he attended Fordham University and received a BA in Philosophy with a minor in Business. Alongside his two brothers, he flourished in skiing and playing ice hockey, and it was his prevailing love for the great outdoors that enticed him to move from the Big Apple to the Great West. Christian is a man of many talents and adds a 'golden touch' to anything he does. He is intelligent, relatable, and a go-getter in every aspect of his life. He never thought he would be a co-owner of a design studio, but from the get-go of dreaming up Highlo, he has been delighted on how awesome it is to build a company where he can fuse his business and philosophy background alongside his many other talents. 




Liz and Christian met ski instructing at Deer Valley Ski Resort a few years back and now are a husband and wife team. Their shared passions and complementing attributes made them a natural fit for each other. Taking their entrepreneurial spirits, Christian's business strengths, and Liz's passion and know-how for design, they threw around the idea of starting their own graphic design studio, and shortly after, Highlo Designs was born. 


To start, we were initially attracted to working with them because they have a powerful portfolio and an excellent body of work - they have experience with mountain brands and have a beautiful and simple (in the best way!) aesthetic that we knew would resonate with our brand story. We are a tech company based in mountain sports, a unique find! It’s amazing to have the ability to be able to work with an accomplished team like Liz and Christian that share our same passions of mountain sports and small communities allowing for constant interaction and ability to interact right here in our office. Liz & Christian are incredible to work with; we are a small team with lots of opinions - we move around ideas very quickly and are in a constant state of development and motion... it definitely takes a special skill to be able to balance our needs and do it with a smile on your face while consistently producing top tier graphic and branding work. I really feel like Highlo is part of our team; I think they truly have our brand and marketing well-being in mind when they assist and take on projects.
— Katie Van Riper, Avatech
Highlo exceeded our expectations. We expected this would be a difficult and time-consuming process, and it wasn’t. They listened to our needs, provided us options on a timely basis, and their follow through to ensure the project was completed correctly and on a timely basis was well done.
— Craig McCarthy, VIP of Member Services, Park City Chamber of Commerce
Highlo designs was a pleasure to work with! They are so creative and courteous and made sure I was satisfied with the final product. They went above and beyond, making the whole process a great experience.
— Angela, Owner, Angela L Photography
It has been an amazing experience working with Highlo Designs. From the beginning, Christian and Liz wanted to hear all our ideas. Liz executed everything we had mentioned perfectly. They are extremely artistic and so talented! We are so happy we worked with Highlo Designs! They are amazing, and I will recommend them to everyone! Thank you.
— Corey Saleh, Custom Wedding Invitations
Liz and Christian at Highlo Designs were absolutely wonderful to work with! They designed my custom save-the-dates, invitations and ceremony programs. They are both very professional, thoughtful, creative and their designs were perfectly suited for what I had envisioned. I’m extremely happy with their service and would recommend them to any of my friends and family.
— Stephanie Ellens, Custom Wedding Invitations