The founder of Rock Monk Brewing approached us about designing a brand for his new Napa Valley based brewery. 

The name ‘Rock Monk Brewing’ is derived from German monks who pioneered the use of hops to preserve beer. These monks introduced something new and important to brewing beer and its quality. After finalizing the brand strategy for this project, we realized how cool and compelling the story behind the name and brewing philosophy was, and we definitely wanted to tap into that as we started designing.

This illustration represents the transportation of beer and the monks’ discovery of hops to preserve beer over long distances. With that, it also represents the philosophy of the company and the role of hops within their beers. We added some "shading” in specific areas in order to add some texture and depth, while remaining simple and sleek. ⁣

From there, we created the custom type that is both modern and sophisticated and also pulls from the history of type found in the medieval era. We did this by adding in thin ornamental lines that are found in medieval manuscripts, and subtle lines to the letters that draw from the lines found in the primary illustration under the wheels and hoofs to speak into that old style of type. ⁣

For the overall brand colors, we used neutral tones for a casual, economical feel. More vibrant yet slightly muted organic colors (dusty greens, blues, yellows, oranges, reds) will be added and used as color stories in association with each individual brew as this brand is built out.

Rock Monk Brewing

Brand Identity