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We are Highlo, a
Branding & Design Studio.


We design great brands.


All of our services are rooted in branding. We cultivate a relationship with you in order to discover, design, and grow your brand with purpose and functionality. We take the time to truly understand the ins and outs of your business, your values, your vision, your goals and your target audience. This holistic, encompassing approach allows us to thoughtfully and intentionally meet your branding needs and tell the story you want your brand to tell.


We subscribe to the idea that if your branding is not working for you, it is hindering you in some way. Our brand guidance is designed to empower you to best tell your story and connect with your audience confidently and cohesively. Think of this package as a cookbook that guides you in how to use the ingredients you already have.  

With our brand identity design package, you receive a solid visual foundation on which a holistic, cohesive brand experience can be built on. This package uniquely represents you and connects with your audience. Think of this package as the high quality ingredients that go into an amazingly delicious dish.  

Great brands are built on a solid foundation that begin with a great story. Our full brand design package provides you with a holistic brand design that empowers you to tell your story, stand apart from your competitors, and connect with your customers confidently and consistently. Think of this packages as a set five-course meal - you get it all.  


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Some of our clients


 We’ve had the privilege of working with some awesome clients in various scopes of branding and brand collateral over the years.
Here’s is an overview of some of them.

You can also check out where we've been "seen" here


We are Liz and Christian - the two behind Highlo.

We are a husband and wife duo based out of Park City, UT where we enjoy all things design, mountain biking, skiing, and time spent with family and good friends. We started Highlo out of a dream of creating and developing together. We absolutely love working together and truly believe we balance and complement each other super well, and we love how that plays out in our designs. 

We value building relationships with our clients and have worked with brands that range from the outdoor industry to small boutique shops. Since we build relationships with our clients, we typically work with clients who trust our expertise, value great design and the process that goes into developing just that.




M – Fri, 9:30 am – 5 pm
Sat – Sun, closed

Liz: 435.901.8224
Christian: 435.901.8223


P.O. Box 680545
Park City, UT 84068



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