Brand Confidence

Holistic branding design is at the core of what we do. Ultimately, what we do is design to guide and empower our clients to confidently offer and provide the best brand experience possible. With that, we are super excited to introduce the two new additions to what we offer at Highlo.

The first of these is our Brand Consulting service. 

There are a lot of resources available for those who want to take on the challenge of branding their business themselves. Unfortunately, a lot of that information is way over-simplified and generalized to the point that it really isn’t helpful. This service is designed to guide and empower those who have run into crippling challenges, are stagnating, looking to growing, or are just looking to infuse something fresh by creating an in-depth strategy for how to best leverage and move forward with your branding.

The process looks like this - we find out about your branding and business goals, survey where your brand currently is, and deliver a strategy to bridge the gap, if there is one, or to provide you with the best plan to continue scaling your brand.

Our Brand Consulting service is designed for the following:

01. If your brand has no direction and guidance on how to actually implement it.

02. If you have a successful product or service, but are sensing your branding is holding you back through poor design, inconsistencies in visuals and messaging, or other such things that lead to confusion or stagnation.

03. If you look at your current branding in frustration and say, “This is a mess! I have no idea what to do next.”

04. If your branding has taken you this far and are looking to scale in an effective way.

05. If you have a sense that something isn’t quite right with their branding but are unsure of what it is.

If you are a business owner, it is not usual to find yourself in one of these categories. Now, imagine having professionals come alongside you to help guide and empower you to move forward confidently with your branding and ultimately with your business holistically. That’s what this is all about.

The second of these additions is our Full Brand Design package.

In general, “brand design” is what we have been doing in one form or another all along. Now we have made a clear distinction between “brand identity design” and “brand design”. These terms are often used interchangeably, which can make it confusing for a lot of businesses. To clarify, “brand identity design” is made of logos, colors, fonts, and graphic elements. Think of these as ingredients. 

On the other hand, “full brand design” is the design of the identity as well as the holistic experience your audience will have with your brand. The underpinning of this experience is the Global Brand System we create for you which comprehensively outlines logo treatment, brand architecture, brand messaging, typography treatment, color treatment, composition of collateral, photography direction, iconography/illustration direction, and social media guidelines.

Our Full Brand Design package is a great value for the following:

01. If you desire your audience to have a consistent, unified holistic brand experience.

02. If you want peace of mind knowing your brand experience is well defined, focused, and seamless because everything is well defined.

03. If you are a start-up business that wants branding done right from the beginning.

04. If you are looking to rebrand.

Having a well thought out and intentional brand experience definitely puts you and your business ahead of the curve. Imagine you just throw something together to just get it done. Your business is moving along well, but all the sudden you realize your branding falls way short of what you need. The result is way more time and money to rebrand your identity and the different elements of the structure you’ve built in order to meet your needs. That’s quite the process.

Now, imagine you took the time to have us design your entire brand experience from the beginning, and you have the knowledge and security that your brand has a unified look, feel, and experience across the board, both internally and externally. Time after time, brand after brand we having seen how this holistic brand design helps in every aspect of running and growing a business.

We are super excited about both of these and how they help businesses grow and thrive. If any part of these resonates with you or someone you know who would benefit from either, we would love to hear from you.