Benefits of a Full Branding Package


When starting a new small business or making alterations to your current business, you most likely spend a lot of time thinking about how everything is going to come together for your business to succeed. We’ve been there, too. 

Oftentimes, though, one key ingredient is overlooked - the brand identity. You may find a quick fix with a logo generator for super cheap (you can read our thoughts of logo generators here). However, we encourage new business owners and those looking to rebrand to hire a designer or studio that offers a complete branding package.

Honest talk - when we first started Highlo, we more-so said we were designers for anything and everything anyone needed. It wasn’t until later on we really settled into our niche of branding specifically (or should we say branding found us). Well, in those early days we found ourselves working with companies that needed brand collateral (i.e. magazine ads, postcards, websites etc) yet didn’t even know what their branding was or have the correct files. For example, one company needed a ton of collateral but didn’t have workable files, didn’t have a font system, didn’t have colors, etc. This left their brand disjointed and confused, so before we even started on collateral, we had to polish it up and set them up with brand guidelines and assets to move forward correctly.  We, also, can’t tell you how many times we have had to re-build logos because the client only had a pixelated, small, version of their logo and needed a logo file for large scale printing. These and other such experiences opened our eyes to just how many small businesses are negatively affected by a “just getting it done” mentality with their branding. 

From those experiences we stepped into wanting to provide our clients with full branding packages so they can move forward and grow their business seamlessly. Personally, our branding package includes a brand strategy, primary and secondary logos, logo mark(s), a color palette (with the correct codes), a font system, and a brand style guide. We, and some other designers, also include some sort of brand pattern or items of that nature.

Here are three benefits of receiving this full branding package.

01. Focused Direction
With the brand strategy, you will have a solid foundation for the who, the what, and the how before the design process even starts. This is super beneficial to our clients for their own understanding of their business. Then, at the end of the project, the brand style guide is a massively important resource that helps ensure consistency as you start building out your brand.

02. Seamless Buildout 
So you’ve receive your awesome new branding package, and now it’s time to start building out your brand. A full branding package provides you the necessary resources and assets to build out your branding with consistency throughout your various brand touchpoint. Need a social media friendly logo mark, done. Need a PNG formatted primary logo for your website, no problem. Need a 300 dpi resolution JPG for that print of your awesome secondary logo you want to display in your office, you’ve got it. You will have all the files you need ready to be used. 

03. Confidence 
You’ll have a professionally and beautifully designed brand by a designer who has the know-how and has taken the time to understand your business, brand goals, and your audience. You will walk away with a focused direction, resources and all the assets you will need continue moving forward and growing your brand. It’s amazing how much confidence comes with peace of mind and knowing you possess the right tools for the job.