Pros of a Pro

There are so many resources out there in which you can find opinions all across the spectrum when it comes to logo design, whether to get one from a logo generator or professionally designed, and the investment working with a professional designer. Since logos are extremely valuable to any brand, we encourage businesses to get them designed well and correctly by someone who has extensive knowledge and understanding of logo design and branding. So we just wanted to offer some insights into what it’s like working with professional designer, what you should expect, and ultimately, the benefits of making such an investment for your business. 

01. Working with a Pro
DIY is everywhere, and it’s awesome! We set up the majority of our business ourselves. We did all the research; we learned what documents we needed and where/how to file them, and the list can go on. Figuring all that out was fun because we love learning. However, there were certain areas that in which we were completely out of our element. One such area were all matters legal. We needed contract templates drawn up (Terms + Conditions, Proposals, etc.) as well a professional understanding of copyrights and transfer of usage rights for our line of work. Instead of trying to go at it alone, we hired a lawyer to walk through this area with us, and things have worked out really well. 

When we needed legal advice, we hired a lawyer. When we needed accounting advice, we hired an accountant. We hired pros because they have the proficiency to meet our needs effectively. Lets just say we saved ourselves a lot of time and headaches by taking this path. 

This same principle goes for logo design and branding for your business. Working with a professional brand designer gives you access to their unique skillsets of being able to understand your business and your audience to create a strategy and effectively implement that strategy through design. 

02. What to expect
While every professional designer has a slightly different way of operating, ultimately you should expect a well thought out, purposeful, and cohesive brand. For us, this process is wholistic in it’s approach where there is a strategy and visual concept(s) carried through to completion based on what your brand questionnaire says. You should also receive (again, from most designers) a brand guideline that includes your logo and mark, brand fonts, brand colors, and what the appropriate usage is for all of them. This helps keep things consistent which helps build trust with your audience.

What you shouldn’t expect is all the above being slapped together in a seriously short amount of time and any which way with a “here ya go”. Unfortunately, we see so many brands created that don’t have much thought and strategy behind them. After all, it is a process that requires thoughtfulness and refinement for the best end result to be created.

03. Benefits for your business
We all know the saying about not judging a book by it’s cover, but how many of us actually adhere to that? The reality is we more often than not make first impressions in the blink of an eye. We do it when looking at book covers, when meeting someone new, and especially with brands and their products. This is when having someone who truly understands design and all its nuances (shapes, symbols, line weight, type, colors, patterns, etc.) can be a game changer for your business. You’ll have a professional image that will help differentiate you - one that’s authentic, coherent, and flexible for multi-touch point usage and will be able to be continually built out as your business grows.

From a super practical stand point, you’ll receive all the necessary files in the appropriate formats for whatever outlet you need. This, again, helps to ensure your audience has a consistent brand experience.

Yes, working with any professional in their field is going to be an investment, but we believe it is an investment that is well worth making, especially when it comes to logo design and branding. Good designers dive into your business to gain understanding to create a unique, creative, well designed logo with the build out and scaling in mind so the brand can grow as your business grows. This is something we have found to be very lacking with every logo generator. They don’t take into consideration colors, symbols, type, or how your audience will engage with them or the effect they’ll have on your audience. Really all it is is data in data out, and voila, you’re clip art logo with random type and colors and no strategy or built out in mind awaits. 

So, when deciding on whether to work with a pro designer, ask yourself if you want your brand done correctly, purposefully, and with your audience in mind? If so, we definitely suggest hiring and working with a professional designer.

Every designer is different and that is AWESOME. Each designer has a style and way of approaching designing brands. So, when you are looking to get your brand designed, work with a designer whose style you love. Like-mindedness is always a benefit.